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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are back again with a new topic, What is Search engine optimization (SEO) Having a website is good but what do you think, is it sufficient to have a website? Having a website and having an Optimized website there is a big difference between both of them.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about online website optimization.

Google is the biggest and most successful search engine. Do you know when we search anything on google how it shows the result?

It is a well-planned process which Google follows to show the most relevant results. The prime motive of Google is to provide a highly accurate result of a search query.

Now the question comes to our mind what is highly optimized website means?

Highly optimized website means a website which is optimized by SEO experts according to the algorithm of a search engine to rank high in the search engine result page. The search Engines primary goal is to provide you the best result for your query. Hence there is a long process behind it, when you type any query on the query phrase of any search engine it follows some protocols and then delivers the best results.

Let’s see how search works – There are 3 steps,

First part is crawling and indexing:-

There are Billions of pages on the internet, first Google starts crawling the web pages one by one. Google has a huge database of information the whole database is situated separately according to their content and several other factors, for example, a library has thousands of books and they all are placed according to their content, context, size, language, etc. Google continuously index every new page on the internet and placed it in his database.

Second Part is Algorithm:-

The algorithm is a combination of programs and formulas. It delivers the best query result. As you type any query on query phrase and click on search. First Google understands the type of search and for what search is about, then after understanding the query Google pulls the relevant document from the index. Now here the Google rank the page by checking more than 200 factors like site or page quality, content freshness, safe search, user context, transition, universal search, etc. Google has a search lab where its engineer’s continuously working on a new algorithm and always try to implement new ideas to change and upgrade algorithm so that it delivers the best possible result.

Hence, after the whole process, you see the Search Engine Result Page. The interesting point is it all happens in 1/8 of the second.

The third part is Fighting Spam:-

Google dedicatedly and continuously work to fight the spam, it keeps the result relevant and clean. The maximum number of spam removed automatically and several checks by manually, if they are against them, slandered they remove manually. If your site has the issue Google informs you and you can fix on your own.

This is how Google Search Works.

Now comes to the point that is search engine optimization.

Here you need to understand one thing that is when you search online for something, mostly you only prefer results on the first page now we all know there is huge data of information on the internet and if I want to rank my website on the first page on Google, so I should take some actions to accomplish the target.

To rank a website on google first SERP we need to perform SEO.

SEO is a process of optimizing any website according to the algorithm of the search engine so that it will consider on search engine result page.

It’s another purpose is to get quality organic traffic through a search engine. SEO is very important and necessary for every website.

SEO has divided into two parts, first on is On-Page SEO and second is Off-Page SEO.

On-Page is about optimizing individual web page to rank them higher. It is related to the content and HTML.

In On-Page Optimization, you have to consider several factors such as-

  1. Website Analysis
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Content optimization etc.

In Off Page Optimization We Perform some actions on other websites to increase your visibility and ranking,

  1. Number of Inbound Links
  2. Anchor Text to Specific Pages
  3. Quality of Links
  4. Link Building Speed etc.

So overall we can say that SEO is the most essential thing for generating organic traffic for your website. With this, we conclude on a that you should understand the importance of SEO for online business and start implementation on your website.

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