Influence Marketing

What Is Influence Marketing?

Marketing sector uses different strategies to connect with the target audience. The marketing objectives are the promotion of services or product, brand awareness, trust building, and conversions.

Mostly a marketing strategy consists SEO, Social Media, Pay per click, emails, bulk SMS etc.  All these are very important things in marketing each of them has their role to increase online business.

Change is the process of nature yes, it also applies to the business and marketing.
Today a new form of marketing is capturing the maximum area of marketing strategy that is Influence Marketing.

What Is Influence Marketing?

Influence Marketing is the form of marketing in which we target influencers to get masses attention.

I will give you answer of this question, but before that just listen one incident happened with me, I want to share the incident with you all here, you will get an idea about what I am going to discuss today. That incident was Me and my friend went to a mall for shopping, she saw a shop suddenly she said with excitement,” let’s go I want to buy the same bag  which Sonam Kapoor uses, and I know that it is available here for sure “,  I asked her how do you know, which brand Sonam Kapoor uses she said with confidence, ”yesterday I saw one post of Sonam Kapoor in which she was holding the bag which was beautifull so, I thought I should buy it” what you say, I just replied, “why not sure.”

such incidents you have seen many times right, this is what influence marketing is.

We can say 2018 is going to be influence marketing year. Approximately 80-85% marketers now prefer influence marketing with other marketing strategies because it is the booming factor for marketing.

"influence-marketing"Let’s see what is influence marketing?

Influence marketing is one of the way of marketing here our focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole.

It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around this influencer and millions of people admire those influencers. Influence marketing has the ability to influence people without irritating them. It is a most profitable marketing strategy you can use for growth of your business.

In above incident of that bag, the company applied the same tactic they used Sonam Kapoor as an influencer because she is a fashion icon of Bollywood and what she has posted that post reached to millions of people and they started talking about that product hence brand awareness start taking place.

 Now see what influencer can do –

  1. If we hire them as a brand ambassador then it becomes easy to promote any product.
  2. Having millions of followers easily increase the sale of the product also worth of the company.
  3. An influencer has its own identity in the market which helps us to reach masses of people in short time period.

Basically, influencer talks about your product, services and there own personal experience also they share it on their different social media accounts they have millions of genuine followers, this is a boost for that product. for example, Have you seen a famous advertisement of Navratna hair oil by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan after watching this add on TV approximately 80-90% people started buying on a basis that if Mr. Bacchan is suggesting then it should be a good product to purchase? It is the influence of  Amitabh Bachchan and this is the power of influence marketing.

Influencer also helps in consumers decision-making process means people confused most of the time from where to buy and they do online research. But if influencer suggesting something then people will surely get influenced and buy that product without much thinking. Indirectly audience influenced by the Influencer and makes a decision to buy that product.


The influence marketing is the authentic way to develop your market.

If you are a startup in the market and looking for growth you can add Influence marketing in your marketing strategy it is the best option available for you. One of the biggest advantages of influence marketing is it influence people in a way which does not look like as marketing, even they don’t know that it is part of marketing tactics.

let’s discuss how it is used for growth of a business.

  1. Instant Brand Awareness






2. Increase in the company revenue

When influencer post something about your product and it will like by many of their fans and get shared so one objective completes i.e brand awareness. When they mention your link on their blog post you can get more clicks and traffic of your website increases so you get strong backlinking. SEO improves.


When they talk or write about your product or service in the creative and positive way it impacts strongly because most of the audience believes in words of mouth. And they think if influencer suggesting means this is worth of buying. In this way, influencer helps to make decisions to buy and increase conversion rates and in results company’s revenue starts increasing.


Influence marketing is one of the best options for 2018 marketing strategy because it is one kind of natural marketing. Choose correct influencer and with help of them, you can quickly build trust within the short time span. An influencer has genuine followers and they help you to reach your product to the relevant audience and that’s why chances of sales increases. People will get influenced by influencer and it will help to take a decision of buying the products and hence it will help to increase the revenue of the company. Influence marketing has the ability to fulfill or completes all the objective of marketing it will work on branding, trust building, conversion. In this way, it is one of an effective way of marketing

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-Prajakta Sarwade

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