What are the Effective SEO Tactics Right Now!

What are the Effective SEO Tactics right now ( Whitehat, Blackhat or Grayhat)

SEO is a kind of race, in which everybody wants’ to come first, but it is not possible. Only one can be on the number one position, but to be in the top ten is also considered as a good work. SEO is still a complicated thing to understand, but by knowing its basic we can understand the concept of SEO.

Our today’s question is what are the effective SEO tactics right now (whitehat, blackhat, gray hat)?

Let’s see what is White-hat SEO –

When we optimize your website according to the given guidelines of search engines, than it called as White Hat SEO.It is the authentic and globally accepted tactic. All search engines have their guidelines and rules these are made to give the optimizer a way to optimize their website nicely to get positive results.

Whitehat SEO Ranking factor –

  1. Fresh and quality content is the primary requirement of this tactic.
  2. Next is the Meta of every web page, you have to write a proper title, description, URL, with proper use of the keyword.
  3. You have to resolve all the technical issues like site loading speed, HTML page size, Inline CSS, Image size and alt text etc. It increases the SEO score of a website.
  4. One more thing is internal linking.

What is Blackhat SEO –

If we optimize our website against the guidelines of the search engine is known as blackhat SEO. It is a negative approach to optimization. It is harmful to a website. People perform it because it takes less time to give results. Search Engines are always against such tactics and they search for such websites, once they caught, your website reputation will be down. It is mostly adopted by spammers.

Blackhat SEO Ranking Factors –

  1. Fishing
  2. Duplicate Content
  3. Clocking
  4. Keyword stuffing
  5. Purchasing Backlinks
  6. Spam, Blog posting, and Commenting
  7. Hidden Text or Links
  8. Mass Ping URL

These are the factors which used in Blackhat SEO to get ranking on top in SERP.

What is Grayhat SEO –

It is a new way of performing SEO on any website. It consists of 50% of Whitehat and 50% of Blackhat. It is also not a valid and authentic tactic, but in its chances to get caught, is low as compare to Blackhat.  It is not much harm to a website but still, if you get caught then there is no chance of gaining your web reputation back.  Today some people use it in a different ratio like 70 | 30, 80 | 20. It helps us to get good rank in less time compare to Whitehat SEO.

Grayhat SEO factors –

  1. Duplicate Content
  2. Clocking
  3. Spam Commenting and Postings
  4. Fake Social Media Followings
  5. Keywords Stuffing

It was the brief introduction of these three tactics; now let’s see which the most effective SEO tactic right now. It seems that it depends on the purpose of the website.

  • Blackhat SEO tactic mostly applied by the spammers. Their purpose always related to some kind of small or big fraud. It is not compulsory but sometimes people use it normally, but they must remember one thing that is, it is not a genuine way of optimization so whenever search engine will recognize your business will be affected badly. Personally, I will not suggest this to you, do not use Blackhat SEO.


  • Grayhat SEO is in use right now by some of the people. But I think it is not good for those who have a long-term vision of business or his work. Because today’s search engines are becoming more and smarter, they have very good spam detecting techniques so sooner or later you will be caught by the search engines.


  • Whitehat SEO is the authentic tactic, I have used it from the very beginning of my career and it really works I can say for sure. It is a process which is totally according to the search engine guideline. So those who are on the web for a purpose and they want to be on the top of the SERP, they should go to White Hat SEO. It will take efforts, but same time you will get good results.


So finally I will conclude with a famous quote “Nothing happens overnight “. It is perfectly fit with Whitehat SEO.  I will suggest whitehat SEO, it is evergreen and long-lasting SEO tactic without any negative consequence. So the answer is, whatever is leading right now does not matter, you should opt Whitehat SEO tactic.

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Written by – Abhishek.

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