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we are enthusiast about Event Coverage, Info-graphic & White Board Presentation Video.

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Biography Films

We know you worked very hard in your life, Lets create so that everyone get inspirated from you.

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Product Video

Have you ever notice, Video is best means of marketing. A Video that will creates influence for your customers.

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Types of videos we can make. Contact us for more information.

Video Editing Company in Pune

Videos are quite influencing and also the best option that is available in digital marketing. Hence making video editing services a must and we at Unplug are here to help you edit your videos.

Unplug is the best video editing company in Pune. And we have the best professionals who are experts in video editing.

Our creative video editors combine sound effect, music, and voice-over whenever required. Text or subtitles are also used for easy understanding of the video. The wide range of services that we provide is as follows:

  1. Corporate Media Service
  2. YouTube’s Media Services
  3. Entrepreneur Media Services
  4. Event coverage
  5. Product Video
  6. Biography film service


  1. Corporate Media Service

We do professional high quality corporate video.

Professional tools are used to record different corporate videos like conferences, Interviews, Client testimonials, annual functions, opening ceremony companies also of marketing videos which are used for selling and branding of the product.

We have a dedicated team of writers, videographers, graphic artists. We always first understand your company’s services and according to your requirement, we make the professional corporate video with the touch of our creativity. Hence we provide the best professional corporate video editing services.

  1. YouTube media service

There are one billion active users each month on YouTube.  Here your business will easily reach to billion users in a month.  YouTube is trending and famous social platform. YouTube video editing service is widely used by many companies in the corporate industry for various purposes like product Marketing, Brand Awareness, creating Brand Image and Brand recall and so on……..

There are many startup companies who need to promote their business for their growth, marketing companies who want do branding and selling of their product, some corporate companies who want to make their work video to reach to maximum audience.

We are here to give them quality and affordable video editing services. We have expert video editors who are flexible with customization, hence providing you with the perfect balance of creativeness, entertainment factor and at the same time professional perspective.

  1. Entrepreneur Media Services

The Entrepreneurs are new in the market and aspires to build a leading company in the market.

They require lots of things but few of the important aspects are the website for their internet presence, digital marketing for their business, product promotion, demo product video, client testimonial, business marketing and many more.

Our video editor who edit the raw video and then by adding some animation effects and the interesting sound effect they make it more unique. Further helps to grab the viewer’s attention. We provide you all quality services in cost-effective ways.

  1. Event Coverage

 There are lots of events that happen in a corporate around the year, events like a conference, seminars, tradeshows, board meeting, press conference, product launch event, trade fairs and we at Unpluginfinity cover all these above-mentioned events.

We provide you best event coverage service making sure that all the important aspects of each event are captured with high-quality ultra HD resolution. And all this will be done by our skilled videographers and photographers


  1. Product video

Product editing videos are mainly used to provide information about the product and as a part of company’s demo presentation.

There are hundreds of products that are launched every day, and there’s a lot of competition in the market. The first step is the promotion of the product that too in a very innovative way.

We understand this and work on creating the impressive video to capture the viewer’s mind with special high-quality effects.

Demo Product videos are necessary to give detailed information about how the product works.

Our professional video editors understand this aspect and hence the first study your product well and then make a demo video.

  1. Biography film

Life’s stories are always inspirational to others, so tell us your life story and we will help you inspire many. Your story will be represented in the most creative and interesting way hence capturing the absolute interest of all the viewers.

Our team has the sensitive professional who understands the essences of making a Biography film hence tapping the right emotions of the viewers.

  1. Short films

We also make short films. And we have good scriptwriters, who can take your simple idea and give it the touch of creative thoughts, the color of emotions, perfect sound effects and hence creating a masterpiece. All this will be created by using a high-quality camera and also the art of storytelling in the most creative way.

We understand the importance of corporate/commercial videos for company’s marketing strategy. Most of the times, these corporate videos increase the company’s sales and also increases their positioning in the market. That’s why, at Unpluginifinity, to create maximum impactful video content- we provide scriptwriting, treatment, storyboarding, producing, and video editing services from the scratch. Unpluginfinity is the best commercial video editing company in India.
To make your imagination into reality, we have a team of creative professional writers, videographers, voice over artists, and video editors. Together we create creative and visually impressive videos, promotional videos, films, music, event coverage, time-lapse videos, drone camera videos, video testimonials, interactive videos, 3D visualizations, 3D walkthroughs, showreel, animated, Youtube media and visual presentations and much more at very reasonable cost.
We have impeccable visual experiences in creating corporate/commercial videos for not only TV screen but also specifically for social media networks and modern communication networks.
Besides above services we also provide live action, Pre-visualization, Shoot supervision, 2D compositing, 3D and CG effects, animation, motion design, color grading and any combination of these high-level services.
Our Corporate/commercial video services -
  • Promo Videos

  • Corporate Film

  • Event Coverage

  • Time Lapse Videos

  • Drone Camera Videos

  • Video Testimonials

  • Music Videos

  • Interactive Videos

  • 3D Visualizations

  • 3D Walkthroughs

  • Showreel Videos

  • Animated Videos

  • Youtube Media Contents

  • Visual Presentation Videos

We can do this

Types of videos we can make. Contact us for more information.


Music Video

Videos that moves your audience.


Event Coverage

Coverage that knowledge your audience.


Interview Video

Amazing Inroduction from you.


Corporate Showreel

Be a Winner .


VFX effects

Visualize Imagination



Perfect Walk-through for your audience.


3rd party Video Editing

Handling work for you.


Youtube Media Service

Service for Youtubers .


CutShort Trailer

Short AND Sweet


Short Film

Film that shake your audience.


Unpluginfinity’s multimedia team creates engaging motion graphics experiences. Powerful stories come to life with a combination of graphics, animation and live-action footage. Whether it’s enhancing presentations with rich animations, big-screen cinematic conference openers, or just a highly informative video, Unpluginfinity’s Multimedia Team creates full-motion content that fully moves audiences.

Whether it’s enhancing presentations with rich animations, big-screen cinematic conference openers, or just a highly informative video, Unpluginfinity’s multimedia Team creates full-motion content that fully moves audiences.