Top SEO techniques for your digital marketing strategy

TOP SEO Techniques

Hello readers, Well, everyone knows how important digital marketing is for their business. As a lot of people are getting techno-savvy, the scope of digital marketing is increasing rapidly. Every single business is using SEO techniques for a digital marketing strategy to stand out in the new digital marketing era. But digital marketing strategies that worked for you in the previous year may not work this year as the new strategies continuously keep on emerging.

Below are the top SEO techniques that will help you get started with winning digital marketing strategy.

  1. Understand your target audience: You know your business well so you should have an idea of who your audience will be. Companies who don’t understand their audience, unable to create engaging content and focusing on the wrong audience. This small mistake directly affects your whole digital marketing strategy. Your target audiences are the once who are most likely to buy from you. Consider everything about your audience, which includes their demographics, likes-dislikes, their needs, values etc. This is the basic SEO techniques for digital marketing strategy.
  1. Content-based SEO: Content-based SEO strategy is an essential part of SEO because the content is the top ranking factor in search. There are a lot of content-based posts publishing each day, so you need to create content that will stand out and gives you the best ranking. You have to consider all the perspectives while selecting the content. To create the content, you have to first define your goal and consider your audience. Then you have to do keyword research for the best digital marketing strategies. Your content should be fresh and you need to focus on content quality rather than quantity. So just create awesome content with SEO optimization, share it online and make it accessible to everyone.
  1. Visual content: A recent survey on Forrester study says that “A page with visual content is 53-times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.” Visual content marketing is gaining a tremendous amount of popularity for many reasons. It keeps your content relevant, fresh and relatable. Visual content marketing is important for maintaining brand and help you to rank. If you want to stand out, good video or image is not just a solution; you need to optimize your title and description as per your SEO strategies. Titles and descriptions help your audience to understand your content.

4.      Select your digital marketing platform: Before developing content, you need to select your platform. These digital platforms are where you’re likely to engage your audience. Not every platform is important for your business. For example, if you are selling your product and services to customers and if you are promoting it on LinkedIn then you might be wasting your time. Because on LinkedIn you can search for a business partner or an employee etc. So be sure before selecting a digital marketing platform. Selecting a platform for SEO techniques for digital marketing strategy is important.

5.      Stay connected with your existing customers: It is one of the biggest, many businesses are doing. You have to stay connected with your existing customers through Email marketing or SMS marketing. You can continue to serve customers with great discounts and content.

6.      Stay updated with the Google algorithmic update: Many businesses are violating Google rules and are using a lot of spamming techniques to rank their website. So you need to stay updated with the Google algorithmic update.

7.      Voice Search: In 2018, Voice search has gained immense love and popularity because it is more convenient for a user to speak with assistance than to type. It is the most user friendly technique. The results of Voice search are also faster than typing. In the survey of SEO trends; Voice search stood out at the topmost place. As per 2017 survey, people are using Voice search for multiple reasons. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced during his Google I/O Keynote that 20% of the Google queries on mobiles and Leo devices are voice searches. Thus optimize your business for voice search is need of your business.

These are the top SEO techniques for your digital marketing strategy. There’s no single method which you can use, it’s up to you how to mix these 7 SEO strategies which will work for your business. Do you agree with us, or have we missed out any strategy? We’d love to hear back from you. Feel free to share your views here. Do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for daily updates. Contact us for more details.

 Thank you for reading.

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