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The word Women are very beautiful because it contains both men and women in it. Women in India are a very fundamental topic from the ancient to till modern day because there is something hidden in them which is unknown. The woman is an essential part of this nature she is the one who gives us life. Having this much of significant value they were always suppressed and condemned by society.

From the very beginning; in the past women had no authority to educate, work etc.

But the last century was the era where women started raising their voices against such discrimination. There were some conscious people who helped them do this and the initiative gradually became a revolution. Revolution is the women’s empowerment.

“The empowerment of women means that, to create a healthy environment around women, in which she can think, ask and work for her welfare.”

Women Empowerment

  • Social Women Emp.
  • Educational Women Emp.
  • Economic and Occupational Women Emp.
  • Legal Women Emp.
  • Political Women Emp. etc.

Here we want to draw your attention to economic and professional women’s empowerment; This is an important part of every woman’s life. If a woman is self-sufficient then the maximum problems of her life are easily solved. In view of this, an organization Women’s Wave (A Pune-based start-up, Helping Women’s Entrepreneurs) made an initiative to help those women who are interested in growing as entrepreneurs and starting their own career. It is an initiative of Nikita Vora, who is passionate about helping and guiding women in the corporate world.

WomenWave organized an event for women entrepreneurs. It was a workshop for women entrepreneurs about Business Development, Communication Skills & Techniques. There were two key persons,

  1. Dipti Divekar
  2. Bharat Damani

Dipti Diwekar Conducted Voice Modulation Workshop and Bharat Damani were there to guide about Business Development & Techniques.

We know very well our role in every social activity. We are those who are in full support of women’s empowerment, this is the reason that we have provided the best with our side, we are a media content production company, we have covered the entire program, the best for our expert shooting The camera used to have Canon 60D for photography and Canon 700 D for video footage. It was an amazing experience to see the enthusiast women entrepreneurs. In future, we are always there to Support Women’s Empowerment.

To See the Event Video Click on the Given Link –

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