Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

Social Media is the most common name among us today, We are connected with each other by social media platforms, Social Media is a common platform for individuals to express their ideas, thought, art or anything. It is the place where most people hang out.

Let’s see the number of Facebook user in World-

India – 270 M | US – 240 M | Indonesia – 140M | Brazil – 130M | Mexico – 85M

There are more than 16 billion users who are active on different social media platforms. This is the fact, so it means today’s time social media platforms are the biggest marketplace. Now it has become a good medium for marketing and advertising of different products and services. Every business owner has to put a lot of the budget on their social media marketing campaigns, but here it is essential to keep in mind about your marketing strategy. You need to plan a result oriented strategy for the success of your social media marketing campaigns.

Here we are sharing some tips on how to plan social media marketing strategy with you which will help you to plan a good social media strategy to boom your business.

Some Famous Social Media Platforms –  

Facebook (Estb.  2004 | 2.20 Billion Active Monthly Users)

Twitter. (Estb. 2006 | 336 Million Monthly Active users)

LinkedIn (Estb. 2002 | 250 Million Monthly Active Users)

Instagram etc. (Estb. 2010 | 813 Monthly Active Users)

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

We look at social media as an instant result provider, like 2-minute noodles. It is not true social media marketing is a process which takes time to deliver quality results. While making social media strategy you need patience and understanding.

  1. Define Objective –

The first thing is goal setting; you have to clear your objective first. It means you need to define your goal for social media marketing. Your goal may be lead generation, brand awareness, etc. By defining goal you can start to plan your strategy.

2. Choose Your Social Media –

If you want to grow your business on social media, you have to be choosy, it means you need to choose only those social media platforms which are compatible with your goal or help you to achieve your target. There is no need to waste your time on every social platform. To choose the right social media for your business is the essential task, it can be done by analysis. Analyze who is your target audience, once you have done with it the answer will be in your lap. Select only those social platforms where your target audience hangs out mostly.

3. Content Production –

No matter how much content you are producing only matters is the quality of the content. It wins the entire attraction of the customer. Quality Content is the backbone of every business. Good content easily attracts more customers. Next important step is content production; the key factor of any successful strategy is content. Content is the king of all marketing strategies. To gain popularity and to make your business name a brand, you need to produce quality content. Quality content is the content which can easily engage your target audience. Content may be in the form of text, audio, or visuals. People engage only when they can relate their self to the produced content.

While creating content for your marketing you need to consider one thing that is the customer perspective. It means you have to produce a content with user perspective. Most of the time we start promoting our self, we forget that its mass oriented platform. Here your competitor can help you, just go and analyze his content, see what kind of content they are producing and how much engagement they are getting on that. Before making a plan it is very important to analyze the competition and their strategy.

So keep in mind that you have to produce quality content, with the help of text, still images and videos. Always track your produced content results and then change your content production according to results.

4. Authenticity-

The way of expression is very much important in social media. I will say, be authentic with whatever information you are sharing. Why is it so, because people only believe in those brands that are authentic. Once if you have developed that faith in your product then the rest of the work will go easily with the flow. A brand loyalty helps to create the customer willingness to purchase.

5. Track and Analyze –

Mostly we forget to track and analyze our strategy. You cannot judge the results we just can guess the approx results. So to get good results you need to track your content and its analysis is compulsory. Make a proper tracking sheet where you have to mention the outcome of your produced content for any specific campaign. Then you can analyze it on a daily or weekly basis, it depends on you. It will help you to improve your strategy for better results.

To plan strategy is not the only work; it is just the beginning of social media marketing. Which strategy will work for your business or which will not work it can only be known by the implementation. One more thing is you have to react according to the current situation so if you have planned a strategy, it doesn’t mean that you are bound to work only according to that, you can change your strategy as per time and requirement.

So these were some social media marketing strategy tips. Consider it and share your experience with us. 


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