Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing

“To Create an Impact on others life, do something worth writing and write something worth reading.”

Leisurely, the Internet is occupying the huge space of people life. This is the present scenario. So there is a slight change in the above statement – For creating an impact on others do something that goes viral on social media and writes something that worth for retweeting. The world is changing with the technology, so the ways of creating an impact are also changing. Without creating an impact we can’t sustain in the market. It is very important to be aware of how to influence a specific audience by using influencer marketing. That’s why today we are discussing the Influencer marketing.

Mostly a digital marketing strategy incorporates SEO, Social Media, and Pay per click, emails, bulk SMS etc.  All these are part of digital marketing because; each of them has their own role in the increasing online business. Today we are going to see an introduction to influence marketing

What Is Influence Marketing?

Marketing is performed by one key leader (influencer) who conveys your message or product promotion to the targeted audience.

Influence marketing is the concept of engaging key individuals to take leverage of their influence to sell the product. Influencers are trusted figures within a niche community with a genuine following. They creates their own content and integrates a company’s promotion message into it. It helps to reach a specific target audience.

How much to pay an influencer depends on his online reputation, the count of their social following as well as the platform they are using.

e.g On Instagram, industry experts suggest a price point of $1,000 per 100,000 followers This price should be adjusted further depending on the reach and relevance of your influencer. On YouTube, a price point of $100 per 1,000 views is standard.

Approximately 80- 85% marketers now prefer influencer marketing with other marketing strategies because it is the booming factor for conversions.

Influencer marketing is an essential dimension of online and offline marketing. Every company wants to promote their product in such a way that it should reach up to the maximum audience and here social media plays a vital role in it.

Influence marketing goes hand-in-hand with two other types of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing.

Influencers campaign have major pillars of different social media channels, they have to spread the promotional message through their personal social accounts.

e.g. Instagram is overwhelmingly the platform of choice for the social influencer. Most of the influencer uses Instagram for promotion so they collaborate with brands and post it on Instagram. Sponsored Instagram posts generated a million likes in 2017.

Influencer campaigns also carry a core content element in which you create or they create the content by themselves. Thus, social media and content marketing absolutely fit into the influence campaigns.

In this social world, posts travel like wind and influencer are helping to make them viral. Influencer creates a strong impression on people mind. Influencer guides to the audience. Because they have already established one comfortable relation with the audience. It’s all about unique, honest, relationships between the audience, brand, and influencer.

92% people trust personal recommendations over the advertisements. According to this fact if influencer endorses a product then it creates a psychological impression on the audience minds and automatically they get influenced.

An effective strategy for influence marketing

  1: Define your Audience

Define who are the potential customers and then target them. Remember Target audience should be relevant to your services or products

2: Search the Right Influencers

Search for the perfect influencer for your campaign. You will need to find people who produce creative content that can impact the buyer’s decision-making process and who are relevant to your business or services. Digital tools like SocMetrics and Appinions helps to find an influencer

3: Analysis of Influencers online reputation

You’ll need to discover what your influencers are talking about and more importantly is it relevant to your business. Check their engagement ratio of the post.

4: connect with an influencer

In this step, you’ll start building a relationship with your influencer using some simple actions.

Follow them on all social channels. Initiate a conversion by Simply sending a message to your influencers and this way you can connect with them.

Influence marketing is one of the essential parts of the 2018 online marketing strategy because it is one kind of natural marketing.

Influencer marketing has the ability to fulfill all the objective of marketing it will work on branding, trust building, and conversion. In this way, it is one of the effective ways of marketing.

Written By – Prajakta.

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