How to use LinkedIn for Marketing to grow business?

Hello readers, many of us think LinkedIn is just for Professional people or for job seekers. There are millions of professionals who use LinkedIn to grow their network and career. But are you aware of the fact that you can even grow your business on LinkedIn too? You can make a connection, generate leads and establish a partnership through LinkedIn business marketing. LinkedIn is a Professional Social Network. It is all about career development, making professional connections and some business-related activities. Other Social media networks can post images, videos, status or other casual posts. Through this, they can directly contact their clients. But for LinkedIn, it is not the same. This blog covers in detail the How to use Linkedin to grow your business.

Here are tips that tell you, How to use LinkedIn for Marketing to grow business?

  1. Start with your own LinkedIn Profile: People do business with people. So you have to start with your own LinkedIn profile. Your profile is the first impression of yourself or your business. To make a strong profile you have to choose a decent photo, write a proper headline.
  2. Use your target job description, Treat your profile as your resume and show your achievements. These are plenty of opportunities through which you can impress your profile viewers.
  3. Create a company page: Make your company’s LinkedIn business page as your business profile. Through your company’s page, customers learn more about your company and engage with relevant content. You can Use of LinkedIn business page for business marketing.
  4. Define Your Audience, Goals, and Objectives: As with any marketing strategy, you have to define your audience, Goals, and objectives in the very first place. For your business generating leads and raising your brand awareness is the main goal for your business. Once you understand your goals and objectives, it becomes easier to define your audience.

5. Optimize your Company page: You must optimize your company page for search so that will help you to build an audience on LinkedIn. The well-optimized company page can help you to gain visibility among the audience. So your company page must be SEO friendly. For that, you can use keywords, link to your company page and share relevant content.

6. Connect with customers: When the audience follows you, your posts appear in their news feed directly. The more the followers are, the higher the reach of each update you post. I’ll tell you, How to add followers to your company page?

  • Add a follow button to your website: Through this follow button your interested website visitor will follow you on LinkedIn.
  • Start with employees: Your employees are your biggest support system and are most likely to share your content with their network.
  • Promote your company page: Invite clients to become a follower. Promote your company page in emails, on blogs and encourage your readers so that they become your follower.

7. Post engaging Content: Your goal is to post a content that your audience finds interesting. Engaging contents are the one who gets the most likes, shares it and comments. It is good to post and promote your own content, but it is also a good idea to share the content which may help your followers.

8. Use media to engage more customers: Human eye catches the visual content faster than texts. So post more image, video content than text content. This is how you can use LinkedIn for business marketing.

9. Create a LinkedIn ad campaign: There are two ways to advertise your content on LinkedIn. They are:

  • Self-service ads.
  • Manage Campaigns.

What I am trying to tell you through this blog is, How to use LinkedIn for Marketing to grow business? The survey states that 93% of b2b marketers feel that LinkedIn is the best Social media platform to get leads. LinkedIn business marketing lets you find other businesses, clients, colleagues whom you know already. So use LinkedIn on a daily basis to grow your business.

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Thank you for reading.

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