How to Plan a SEO Strategy for 2018

How to plan SEO Strategy for 2018

The online lead generation has become an art today. People are doing lots of research on how to generate online leads. The online platforms have become a great source of business leads generation. Being a digital Marketer we all know that there are two ways to generate online leads first is organic and another is inorganic. In this article, we are going to discuss how to plan SEO strategy for 2018. SEO is an organic way to increase website visitor or lead generation.

Organic traffic is related to a search engine. Search engine work is to showcase relative results of any query to the user. Today if you want to rank on the first page of the search engine you need to take some tough and continuous efforts. I think it is possible with the implementation of a well-planned strategy. A good SEO strategy consists of good analysis and planning with tracking. When we think to plan an SEO strategy we need to choose our search engine and most people prefer Google as their primary search engine so there for here we will concern about Google.

I think if you want to become a master in SEO you first need to understand the very core of ranking factors, it means you should know about the periodic table of Google search result ranking factors. Once you understood the periodic table you can easily develop your own SEO strategy.

  • The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the very fundamental factors of ranking. I am not going to discuss any specific strategy, I m here to make you understand that how you can easily design your strategy.

Let’s start – How to Plan SEO strategy for 2018

Search Engine Optimization, It all depends on the algorithm of any search engine and the search filters. If we are talking about Google then we all know very well that it is the biggest search engine and widely used by millions of internet users. Why is so? Because its secrete algorithm provides very accurate search results of any query. Google updates its algorithm as per need to give more and more accurate search results.

So if you want to rank on the first page of Google results, we need to understand the periodic table of SEO success. In this table, there are several most important factors which directly and indirectly affect the results.

To give you a proper insight I am dividing these factors into two parts, first, we will discuss ON-Page SEO factors then OFF-Page Factors.

On – Page SEO –: There are some core factors which affect the ranking of any web page. Consider these factors to get better rank.

  1. Content
  2. Architecture
  3. HTML


  1. Content: – We all know that we do search on Google because we need information or content for any specific subject. This content may be in the form of text, video, image or voice. Because content is the very fundamental of every search that’s why it has become the king. Now it is easy to understand that Google needs new and fresh content every day. So keep in mind that every day new and original content is the requirement of a search engine, so plan your strategy keeping this in mind. I am sharing some points which will help you to understand the concept of content.
  • Your all web pages must have quality content, What is the meaning of quality content? A content which is grammatically correct, well written, consists of focus keywords in proper density, originally written not copied, called as a quality content. While you are writing content you need to keep these points in your mind, this will directly affect your ranking.
  • Keywords, the very first thing that happens in the SERP process is, understanding the search query. The search always took place in the form of keywords. Keywords are of three types of Exact Match Keywords, Broad Match Keywords, and Phrase Keywords. When Google understand your search query then it fetches the relevant information from its database. If you want to rank your website then you need to research for those keywords which represent your website and then use them in the proper ration in your content.
  • Try to write something about the hot topics which are trending in the market. Do proper content optimization and wait for some time. There are high chances for the rank.
  • Mainly we get the result in the form of text, image or video. If you have all these three forms of content in your topic then you have to optimize all three properly. Optimize images by giving them alt-text, and descriptions, for videos too, give a proper title and description with focus keyword.
  • Also, write snip of your content.


  1. Architecture – It is all about the technical part of the website. Here we will understand those technical factors which will us to improve our website technically.
  • Search Engine gets information about your content through crawling. In this process crawler comes on the WebPages then crawls and sends to the database. Here we have to check whether our WebPages are crawled by the crawler or not, you can check in webmaster. If there is any issue kindly remove it. Crawling is the very first process, so need to check it and pay attention.
  • Mobile Optimization the maximum internet user access the internet through their mobile phones, so now it has become essential to optimize your website for mobiles. Mobile optimization can easily do by an expert.
  • Site Loading Time, What will happen if you click on a website and takes a lot of time to open, sure you are going to cancel your visit. So to avoid this issue with your website you need to check its loading time, if it is fewer than 5sec then ok but it is more than that then kindly remove this issue.
  • Page URL Structure, it also plays an important role as far as SEO is a concern. Your page URL should be the title of your content.
  • A Secure Website adds one more star to your credibility, your website should be https, this will make your visitors feel more secure to enter into your website.


  1. HTML – It is about the structure of your website like Meta is the important thing for SEO. Meta consists of Title, Description, and Slug of your web page. It also knows as header tags, H1, H2 tags for the webpage. Remember that your title should contain the focus or primary keyword and it should too be in description and slug of your page. It is about to show the synchronicity in Meta, so that crawler easily understands the page.
  • Do not try to do keyword stuffing, it affects the website ranking negatively.

These are the main points which you have to consider while preparing your SEO strategy.

Now let’s talk about some off – Page factors which are responsible for the better rank.

  1. Trust
  2. Links
  3. Social Media

See what I have experienced that you’re on page SEO plays 70% and Off- Page shares 30% to get you better rank on search engine, some digital marketer says that now off – page does not play any role in ranking because of spamming and paid link issues. But I will suggest you pay 30% to your off-page don’t depend on it totally. Today as well quality backlinks play an important role for better ranking.

  1. Trust to understand this lets take an example, when you need a product or service you simply ask to some people and also consider their opinion so think if you asked 5 people about a product which you are going to purchase and If three from them suggests you, same dealer, then your chances to visit his shop increases. Same with the Google, if other websites are pointing towards your website then it makes a good impression to Google. It increases your credibility. If referring websites are of high DA and PA then it makes difference in ranking.    
  • The main purpose of Off-page SEO is to generate quality backlinks for your website. An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. To generate quality backlinks we perform some actions like, Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0, Press Release, Article Submission, Business Listings, Classified Ads, Search Engine Submissions, Q&A Submission, Forum Submissions, Video Submissions, Image Submissions, PPT Submissions, Pdf Submissions etc. Your truth factor also depends on your own DA and PA.
  • Bounce Rate, the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. So your bounce rate should always low, it gives positive feedback to Google regarding your content because people spending more time on your website.
  • Copied Content, Be aware copied content is prohibited. Don’t try to use or promote copied content. It will decrease your site authority and if Google caught you then your website will be flagged by Google.
  1. Links, If you are getting backlinks from your submissions then it is good, but if you are getting quality backlinks then it’s awesome. Quality backlinks directly affect your website ranking.
  • Do not try to do spamming like blog commenting and forum commenting on unauthorized websites. It will harm your website. These are the techniques of black hat SEO, ignore them and plan your strategy according to White Het SEO.


  1. Social Media, Social Media shows your online reputation, so it plays an important role in branding and marketing. Social Media is all about quality content; you need to produce quality and engaging content for your target audience. Your Social Media Image plays a huge role in your lead generation and from there to you can generate potential leads.

So this all about the On–Page and Off–Page factors of SEO.

  • While you are preparing your SEO strategy, start with goal setting. Yes, make your goal for what you are going to execute SEO strategy. A goal will help you to find a way to complete it.
  • Compulsory perform an audit of your website, it will help you under the requirement of your website. It will give you detail information about your website like where are you ranking right now, which keywords are working for you, and so more.
  • Last is tracking of your strategy when you execute any strategy you have to keep a track of your actions and their reaction, it will help you to optimize your strategy.

So finally I will say that every strategy takes times to give good results, so have some patience. Do not change your strategy for at least 45 days. I can promise you that if you understood this article and will consider these tips while preparing your SEO strategy hen it will work.

I hope this article How to plan SEO Strategy for 2018 will help you to crack your goal to be #1 on the Google, this year target.

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