Why Google algorithm is important? and How Google Algorithm works?

How Google Algorithm Works

Hello readers, we are back with something that is not new but can assure that you may find it very interesting. Everyone in the field of Digital Marketing is aware of how important Google search engine is for their businesses and every second person is using Google these days. That’s why undoubtedly Google is the largest search engine in the world.

Google allows your business to rank your website and drive more traffic to your website. So to improve the ranking of your business you must understand How Google algorithm works for your business.

Google works on various factors. They are divided into Contents, indexing, ranking algorithms, Understanding various factors that affect Google ranking algorithm etc. In this blog, we will cover how Google algorithm works to find the content of your website so as to improve the ranking and drive more traffic to your website.

First and foremost important part of any website is Content. So here, we will know more about How Google finds Content? Google crawls the web pages using a bit codenamed as a spider. Spider is a small program that follows links from one page to another and each page it goes on, copied that page and passed on to the server. Google only keeps the record of page code and ignore the rest.

The working of a spider is very specific. They are using links and discover new pages using link to link. Therefore if your content is not linked it won’t get indexed. When a spider receives new domain, it will go to the page ‘robots.txt’. It is a text file which is used to instruct robots how to crawl pages on their website.

In the next blog, we will cover the rest factors that can be used by Google. So keep yourself updated with our blogs so that would help you to understand Google algorithm. If you have any doubts feel free to drop us comment below anytime.

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