Google Vs. Bing: How to optimize your website for Bing?

How to optimize your website for Bing?

Google Vs. Bing

Everyone is familiar with these two search engines and knows that Google is the largest search engine in the world. Google owns 79% of the market share whereas Bing owns 33% US market share and overall 19.4% which shows Google is the preferred search engine for many people. However, in a recent survey, I have found that many people are moving to Bing.

Let’s see the difference between both of them and how to optimize your website for bing.

How Bing differs from Google? 

  • For the quality of the search results, both are nearly the same. One search might be a little better on Google, while the other search is better on Bing. You can compare them directly for any given search query on both search engines side by side.
  • For image or video search, you have to switch to Bing. Because Bing’s video search is better than Google. Because Google loves content while Bing loves the image or video content.
  • Both search engines differ in layout. The font is also different. For video search, instead of giving you a vertical list of videos with small thumbnails, it gives you a grid of large thumbnails that can click on to play without leaving.
  • Bing puts related searches and related image searches to the right of your search results, while Google puts them at the bottom.
  • Bing gives more importance to the websites having social media. i.e. if you search for any business on Bing you can automatically able to see the social media accounts of the people working there.
  • When it comes to backlinks, Google ranks the website having quantity with quality. Google’s Penguin Update directly blocks spammy links. But with Bing, the website has a larger number of backlinks ranks on the top.
  • Bing Favors older website faster but it is not a case with Google. Google favors website that is newer and popular.

So with these differences, you can conclude that Bing is even as important as Google for your business. So to optimize your business on Bing you have to consider these terms.

  1. Index your website – Being indexed is the first step in developing traffic from Bing. To get indexing you have to submit your site to Bing. Use the Bing webmaster tool. It is similar to Google webmaster tool. Through this tool, Bing can easily crawl your site.
  2. Use backlinks – Backlinks are important for every search engine. But it is necessary in case of Bing. The larger the number of backlinks, the higher is the ranking of the website.
  3. Use of keywords – Bing doesn’t rank broad matching keyword and not allow more than two target keywords per page. So use relevant and well-written keywords for titles, meta tags, description and H1, and H2. You can also use long phrase including focus keyword.
  4. The age of the website – Bing favors older websites. It also favors the domain name of a website. So if you want to start new, you may need to purchase an older domain so that your site will rank higher.
  5. Clear all the technical issues – The technical specifications on which Bing focuses on are loading time of your website, Robots.txt, sitemap, redirects, canonical tags etc.

Consider these terms :

  • Loading time – The loading time of your website should be minimum. Because websites having higher loading time ranks well on Bing.
  • txt – Robots.txt can control Bingbots that required when crawling your website.
  • Sitemap – Sitemap consists of all the information about your pages i.e. URLs of your website. Keep all your URLs clean and neat so that doesn’t affect your website.
  • Redirects – If you want to move your content from one website to another you can use 301 permanent redirects.
  • Canonical tags – When multiple URLs contain the same content, you can use canonical tags which help Bing to figure out which one is original.
Bing loves quality content. The quality content will be more likely to be indexed and appears in the search results. For Bing ranking, your site must avoid too many ads and affiliate links.

When using Bing if your Facebook friend rated the company, you can see it directly.

Add your listing to Bing business portal.

So this is how you can do Bing SEO. To optimize your business on Bing you can use these steps. Feel free to share your views here. We’d love to hear back from you. Do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for daily updates. Contact us for more details.

Thank you for reading How to optimize your website for Bing?.

Written by Karishma.

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