Utmost Effective Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

To execute SEO strategies you need some tools which can make your task easy. In this blog, We are suggesting some free SEO tools which are often used to perform SEO tasks.

Let’s check some pretty awesome free SEO tools-

With the help of Google page speed insight, you can check the loading speed and usability of your site on multiple platforms. This free SEO tool will check the responsiveness and loading time of your website on desktop & mobile device as well.  This tool also provides page stats, speed & optimization suggestion.

Keyword research is the very first and one of the most important parts of SEO. Keyword.io tool provides 700+ keyword suggestion of a single keyword. It also provides long-tail keyword suggestion which is useful to improve keyword density in a single article.

Google Analytics is one of the famous Google tools. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that provides detailed statistics about the website traffic and its sources. It also tracks and reports the website traffic. Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service worldwide. It provides each and every information related to the website.

Webmaster tool is a free SEO tool, provided by Google or Bing. It helps you to know about what is going on within a website and detect crawling mistakes, manual penalties, 404 errors in pages and also malware attacks.
It helps you to evaluate and maintain your website’s performance in search results.
It also shows you those keywords through which your traffic is coming. It’s one of the most important Google tools.

It is one of the widely used keyword planner tools, provided by Google itself. By entering a desired keyword in the Google Keyword Planner, It help us to get keywords suggestion like long tail, short tail and ad group ideas, statistics, keywords trend & competitions, bidding etc. It is a free service offered by Google. It helps you a lot in SEO and PPC ads.

The QuickSprout tool does a comprehensive look at just about everything: SEO optimization, site speed, tags, keywords, social links, and competitor comparisons.
By just adding your sites URL in this tool, you’ll quickly get SEO report, you can go through it and plan your strategy. It also checks the key ranking factors like platform compatibility.

Competitor analysis is the task which we perform initially and it’s important too. This tool free SEO tool SimilerWeb helps you to compare web traffic between two competitors. It helps to find vulnerabilities within site & also how to get rid of it.

The ultimate purpose of search engine optimization is to bring your website on the first search engine. SERPs Rank Checker is a free SEO tool that allows you to quickly check, track, and graph the top 300 SERP results for a particular keyword.

If you want to improve your rankings in SERPs, an XML sitemap will be helpful. It helps Google and other main search engines to easily understand your website structure while crawling it. This tool simplifies the procedure for the creation of an XML sitemap of your website. Online XML sitemap generator is completely free.

You can discover & remove all the broken links by using this tool. Broken links on your website can affect your website ranking in SERPs. Cleaning up broken links can improve user experience, and make content more easy to crawl.

By putting website URL into Copyscape, you can easily find out the content within the site is original or not. Because it’s important that the content which we are using must be uniquely & relevant. It directly affects the ranking of our site.

So these were the 11 free SEO tools which we use mostly to perform a certain task related to SEO. Hope you have gained some information from this blog. Use these SEO tools and if you know more free tools kindly comment below, we will add in our next blog.

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