We know how to increase the SEO of your website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page and social content to get more shares.


Digital marketing is a very important element of any company. Especially now, where everyone is adopting the internet and we have a chance to reach them.

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Pay Per Click ( Google Adwords Campaign )

4. Facebook Boost

5. Email Boost

6. Blog Updates, Online Articles

7. Forums

8. Database

9. Video & Image Content

10. Brainstorming





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Digital Marketing Company in Pune

We are working as a leading Digital Marketing company in Pune and we know what kind of digital marketing services and support our clients expect.
Our team of experienced Digital Marketers has allowed us to deliver the best quality services in all dimensions of digital marketing. Our result oriented approach and transparent policy distinguishes us from other online marketing agencies. We execute branding, online lead generation, search engine marketing, search engine optimization to gain traffic on the website and rank better in the search engine. However, we don’t stop there as our whole approach is to bring quality to our results. Here you need a proper digital marketing plan for your company which includes a powerful online representation. With digital marketing, you can expand your reach and can get a clear idea of what your customer want. We at unplug infinity can do that for you, we are specialized in online marketing services. We can prepare and execute the proper result oriented digital marketing strategy for you.

Why Digital marketing?

The world is getting digital and to the people who have not yet marked their presence online will get to know the power of internet sooner or later. You can take your business to a completely different level with digital marketing. People are so busy in making their living by working hard that they don’t have time for anything else but the world is on the internet and you can reach them when you are online too because today people surf online to purchase any product or services. There are so many people out there who have a business online but have no idea of how to promote it or reach out to the customer. Through digital marketing, you can create brand awareness, target the right customer, build brand reputation, increase the trust of your brand, get connected to the mobile user, maximize your reach and above all digital marketing is very cost effective as it shows result in no time.

Digital marketing is important as it is more effective than traditional marketing and not only you can target local audience but the international audience too. Especially beneficial for the small business or startups as they have the limited budget and their budget will only stretch to one or other, but not both. Decision making for marketing becomes easy with digital marketing as you know whom to target and by what means.

How can we help you?

Being a Digital Marketing Company

We know what we do and how to impress our clients with work. We provide digital marketing services from the scratch. It includes SEO, SEM, SMM, E-MAIL, SMS BLAST etc.
We have a specialized team of digital marketers who are updated with the new trends and techniques of marketing strategies. Our whole effort is to provide best internet marketing service in India and across the globe.


UNPLUGINFINITY provides routine weekly communication, monthly reporting, as well as strategy reviews to ensure each campaign is positioned for maximum results. Our customer service first attitude, our commitment to communication & transparency and our reporting make us the perfect digital marketing agency for your company.

UNPLUGINFINITY has a specially trained and skilled team of online marketing professionals to help you Rule The Web. We take a custom approach with each client to create a detailed strategy with the appropriate services that will deliver results for any Internet marketing campaign.


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